Pointing Your Web Site To A New Server/Database

If you need to point your web site to a new server / database, please follow these steps:
Go to the Folder that contains the web site.
Open the "Birddog" file in an editor. (Don't mistake this for the Birddog folder.)
There you'll see two lines.  One says "DataBase", the other "Server".
Edit the value for these lines to match your new server name and database name (if it changed).
If you changed the log-in & password for the SQL server, you'll need to change "User" & "Password" also.

    Now, to apply your changes, you'll need to reload the site.  Follow these steps to do this:

In the same root folder for the web site, open the file called "Web".
At the end of the first line (after the >), type a space. (just hit the space key)
Save. (Anytime this file is altered, the web site will reload.)