Handling Options


There are cases where you will have a single Item in Inventory that you build to Order based upon a small set of options (color for example).  There are basically 2 ways of handling this (short of using Features and Options, which won't be covered in this document)

  • Create an Item for each option and display with a Merchandise Content Layout.  For example, maybe up to this point you have a Make to Order Item that comes in 3 colors (Red, Green, and Blue).  Up until now you have just had one Item and you passed the Customer's color choice as Comments.  Instead you could create 3 items with the color choice in the Description.  Then on the Web Site you would use a Merchandise Content Layout that displays Items in a Drop Down.
  • Create a single Item in Inventory and use comments that print on the Work Order or Picking Ticket.  In this case you will need to create a custom Content Layout that has the information you want written to comments (like a drop down for colors or a text box for a name drop, for example).