New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
10725312 - Wish Lists For Ecommerce
Added Wish List functionality. This allows a customer to add items to new or existing wish lists for a future purchase. They can also share these lists via email with others. The system can also monitor stock status for items on a wish list and advise the customer when an item comes back into stock.
11826877 - Set Tax Percentage on the Sales Order when using the AvaTax Connector
When using AvaTax, we now set tax percentage on orders so Macola does not set the tax to 0.00 when editing.
11830767 - Sage 100 Invoices to BirdDog
With this enhancement, we are now downloading invoices from Sage 100 to BirdDog to better support our Customer Portal.
11833105 - Ship Via, Confirm To, Email, and Comment Fields Don't Upload to Sage 100 Sales Orders
Using the BirdDog Sage 100 Connector Sub-System, we added uploading (we already downloaded) of sales order ship via code; added uploaded/downloading of Ordered By Name to Sage 100 OrderConfirm To; added upload (we already downloaded) of Ordered By Email to Sage 100 Email Address; we also mapped Ship Instruction 1 to Sage 100 Order Comment.
11833374 - Webcategory Code Needs To Default From The Description and Parent Code
In previous versions, when adding a new web catgory, the code defaulted to blank, which meant every new web category showed as an ID on the web. As of this version, the code defaults to be the parents code plus the description with spaces replaced with dashes - for example, if you create a sub-page called Public Listings under the page Brochures, the code would default to brochures/public-listing. We ignore the parent code if the parent is one of the top level categories from site settings such as Banner, Top Menu, Main Menu, etc., and any bad characters in the description (?:') are removed.
11834310 - Only Check For Service Pro UDF If the Service Pro Connector Exists
Prior to this build, we only downloaded sales orders when using the Sage 100 Connector if the Send to Service Pro UDF was set to Y, which had the effect of most sales orders not downloading; when added, this functionality was principally for Service Pro clients who did not necessarily want all orders to be pushed up. With this update, Sage 100 customers not also running Service Pro will automatically download all sales orders to better support our Customer Portal.