Cycle Count with Hand Held Computer



Gun setup

  • Presuming Motorola Model MC9090 (Other guns to be added as appropriate)
  • First, ensure you have the correct BDSettings file. This is an XML file that can be easily edited.
    • Connect the gun to the single cradle that connects to a computer via USB cable
    • Once the gun is plugged in and you're connected to your computer, Windows Mobile Device Center should autoplay and popup. If it doesn't, you may need to fiddle with the connections as sometimes, it's a little tetchy.
    • Click on Connect without setting up your device
    • Mouse over File Management
    • This will expand so you can click on Browse the contents of your device
    • This wil open up a new explorer window
    • Double-click on the first option - it's the one that doesn't have a name and shows as simply \
    • Drill down into Program Files | PickToOrder
    • Observe BDSettings.xml
      • You can't actually edit this file here so you'll need to copy it to your desktop or some other folder
      • Edit this file in an appropriate editor - Notepad works fine
      • Note the HostURL. This should be the website you'll be working off
      • Once you've got the proper information in the XML file, just copy-drag it over the old one. If you have multiple guns, keep your desktop version as they're the same so you can just copy-drag onto those guns too.
  • Now, we need to set up your wifi connection for the gun
    • Here's a helpful link to the MC9090 Motorola site where you can download appropriate manuals. Of pertinence for this task is the MC909X Mobile Computer Integrator Guid, which should walk you through these steps in much greater detail.
    • Using the stylus (housed in the pistol grip of the gun), click on Start
    • Now click on Programs
    • Click on Wireless Companion
    • Click on Wireless Configuration Editor
    • Click on Find WLANs
    • This should scan for any WLAN Networks. Click and hold on yours. This gives you a small popup. Select Connect and populate your LAN information 
  • We have taken the liberty of adding a helpful shortcut to the program in the Start menu

Website Setup

  • Make sure you have Users set up on the website
  • Make sure you have your barcoding set up, using item numbers

Using the Gun

There are really two ways to use the gun: to handle batch inventory and to actually generate an order. Let's look at inventory first.

Physical/Cycle Count

  • We need a batch ID before we can do inventory. This is generated on the website.
    • Login and proceed to Warehouse Management
    • Click on Physical/Cycle Count | Count Batches
    • This takes you to Count Batches page. There can be only one Batch ID at a time, so you'll need to Mark Counted, Post or Delete any that exist
    • When you create a Batch, there are three options needed:
      • Batch ID - Remember this as you'll need it later for the gun
      • Location - This defaults to your primary warehouse, so if you've only got the one location, you won't need to worry about this
      • Freeze Data - This defaults to today, so if you want it to last longer, change it
      • NOTE: When you click on Create, this will create an entry for every item you have in the system that is currently marked as having any quantity on hand. So if you have 20,000 items with 1 on-hand for each, that's 20,000 entries. Don't worry if you have 0 on-hand in the system, but actually have some in your warehouse; the system handles that.
    • After you've created the Batch ID, you should see a Tag Count for every item that has any bit of quantity on-hand.
      • Summary or Detail can be used to review progress
      • You'll see either Mark Counted or Post, depending upon the status of your count, but never both.
      • Delete does exactly that, so use sparingly.
  • Now the gun
    • Login to the WMS software. You might be prompted to input your website
    • Log in with your User name and Password
    • Click on Start Inventory
    • In the Batch ID, plugin what was created above. You can hit Enter
    • Now laser your inventory's barcode. Some information will be automatically populated based on the item in the system.
    • Input the Counted Qty in the field and hit Enter (or Count. Enter is easier.)
    • When you hit Enter, you'll note that data all seems to go away so you can move on to the next item, but it's in the system. (You can check by jumping back to the website, hitting F5 on that Count Batches Summary or Detail page. Your progress will be shown)
    • Once you're done with your count, click on Close
    • Currently, there is not a Logout option, but that's coming very soon.
  • Back to the website
    • Clicking on Summary will take you to the Variance Summary. There is an Export (to Excel) feature here if you need it.
    • Clicking on Detail will take you to the Variance Summary. Here, you can actually edit your count (in the event of miscounts.) There is an Export (to Excel) feature here if you need it.
    • NOTE: Your actual Quantity on Hand is not adjusted until you post.
    • Once you're satisfied with your count, click on Mark Counted (if available.) This closes everything up and allows you to Post.
    • As soon as you Post, your quantity on Hand is adjusted accordingly. It will also close out the existing batch.
    • If you want to review the Count after the fact, navigate to Warehouse Management | Physical/Cycle Count | Tag History Report
      • On this page, select the Location and the Date
      • As before, an Export (to Excel) feature is here if you need it.

New Order

  • Unlike the physical count, you don't need to set anything up beforehand to do this.
  • Login to the WMS software. You might be prompted to input your website
  • Log in with your User name and Password
  • Click on New Order
  • Input the customer number (or part of it) or the customer's name (or part of it). Select the customer
  • You'll then be taken to the Add Items screen
    • You can input an item number manually here using the keypad or laser its barcode (which is much easier) providing the UPC code for this barcode is plugged into the UPC field on ItemEdit on the related website.
    • Once an item is in the cart, you can laser it a couple more times to add additional quantity or select it with the stylus and manually adjust the quantity.
    • Wrong customer? Click on Select Customer and go back to change it.
    • Changed your mind about the item? Select it with the stylus and click on Remove Item.
    • Click on Review Order when you're ready to move on.
    • Note that tax is already calculated based on information in the screen so the customer can see it right there.
    • Click on Signature to get to the Sign page. Scribble your signature and then Complete Order
    • This will give you the Order Complete page that has the Order Number right there.
  • If you want to see the order again, on the website, navigate to Customer Service | Order Number, plug that number in, and hit Enter.