Special Instructions: Mapping Shopify Payment Method to Terms Code


When downloading a sales order from Shopify, the BirdDog Connector Sub-System will automatically create a mapping between the payment method on Shopify and the default terms code on the Shopify connector setup screen. In most cases, this default is fine and does not need to be changed. However, in scenarios where different payment methods affect the G/L cash account that the money is deposited into, this will not work. Follow the procedure below to update the default mapping to the specific terms code you need.

To set this up requres a Shopify order with a payment method (e.g., Credit Card or PayPal) having been synced down using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System and direct access to your database using SQL Server Management Studio. There is currently no UI to accomplish this because it will be done so rarely - you should have to make the change in your database only once.


  • Generate an order with a payment in Shopify and download it to your ERP via the Connector Sub-System.
  • In Server Management Studio pointed at your BirdDog database, review the table BD_ConnectorLinkages_ShopifyPaymentGatewayLinkage. There should be a linkage for:
    • ConnectorID
    • Payment Gateway
    • Default Terms Code
  • Change the Terms Code in that record to a different but valid terms code.
  • Now generate another order with a payment on Shopify and download it.
  • Verify in your ERP that this new order has synced down with the new terms code.