Automated Picking Using Job Master

To utilize this feature, you must have v9.5 or later for both the website and Job Master. This can all be done using the website.
  • Warehouse Management | Warehouse | Manage Picking
    • Edit the warehouse
    • Select the appropriate printer you want to use from the dropdown.
    • Select a picking start time and end time. The system will only pick items within this time frame.
    • Select a User to alert in the event of failures from the dropdown. Only Enterprise-level Users appear on this dropdown.
    • Select all days during which shipments are to be picked.
  • System Management | Accounts Receivable | Distribution Forms. Pick Ticket and Packing Slip forms will need to be set up if they aren't already.
    • Click Add
    • The Form Number is generally 1
    • Select the appropriate Form Type from the dropdown
    • Input the appropriate Crystal Report name being used (usually PickTicket.rpt or PackingSlip.rpt depending on which is being adjusted.)
  • System Management | Global Settings. The report path must be set.
    • Click on Reports
    • Input the UNC path to the location of the Enterprise for Windows report folder. This will be something like \\SERVERNAME\Program Files\BirdDog Software\Enterprise\Reports
  • System Management | Jobs
    • Create a new Job entitled Print Pick Tickets.
    • If you leave the starting and ending orders numbers and customer numbers blank, the system will review all authorized orders.
    • Check appropriate boxes. If, for example, you leave "
    • The Picking Printer dropdown should have your valid printer options.
    • Click on Edit (Pencil) at the top to set the frequency with which the system picks orders
    • Save.
  • For this to function, Orders must...
    • Not be on hold.
    • Be authorized (if credit card is being used.)
    • Any other statuses or actions that might be necessary for an order to be picked normally.