Bug Fixes: Version - Released 10 March 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
8158606 - Column Created Does Not Belong to Table Error When Viewing Contact
When using BRAIN and attempting to view certain contacts, the website threw an ugly error. This only happened on some contacts that met certain criteria.
10728200 - Process End of Day Job Does Not Accept Printer String
While testing 'Process End of Day" Job in the Enterprise for Windows software, an 'invalid printer specified' error was being generated; immediately thereafter, the order being processed went into 'record lock' and remained in 'Selected' status.
11584831 - Customer Not Able To Add To The Cart When There Is Obsolete Item From An Old Order
BirdDog has long possessed the functionality to add a new order from an older invoice or order, but if an item on that invoice or order had been set to Obsolete status in the system, this new order would error out. Now, the system pops up a message warning you which items on order are obsolete.
11717042 - Add Jobs to the System Administrator Role
Users with this role can now access the Jobs page on the website and can add, delete or edit existing jobs.
11805639 - Only One Line Sent to Authorize.net When Capturing
When capturing an order using Enterprise for Windows, we were only sending up a single line item for the Itemized Order Information section on the Unsettled Transactions part on Authorize.net. The actual money amount being sent to Auth.net was correct, however.