New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
  • 4144521 - Remove Credit Card Processing when placing a Quote in Customer Service
    • When placing a Quote in Customer Service (even if the Terms are Credit Card), the system does not process an Authorization or a Capture. When converting a Quote to an Order, if the Terms are Credit Card, the Credit Card system Authorizes or Captures (according to how the system is set up in site settings) before converting to an Order.
  • 5980141 - Make View Details control Price visibility
    • This enhancement alters how View Details permission on Items works. It now controls price visibility. Users that do not have View Details to an Item will no longer see Price.
  • 6023678 - Support Macola ES with Synergy Enterprise
    • This enhancement adds a Synergy Integration tab on the Global Settings page and further allows a site to 'sync' with a Synergy database.
  • 6286778 - Progression to ES conversion
    • This enhancement allows us to convert from Macola Progression to ES. The option was present in previous versions of the software but significant structural changes in version 9 required us to update how this worked which allowed us to streamline and optimize this capability.
  • 6514345 - Enable Commercial Plus Pricing for US Post Office Cost
    • The U.S. Post Office has made some changes to how they handle Commerical Plus Pricing. This enhancement allows us to utilize that feature.
  • 6541700 - Don't Apply Revision Test Setting in Web.config
    • This adds a setting to the BirdDog.config that allows you to set "ApplyDataBaseRevision" to "False" to disable the revision system from running.
  • 6655810 - Blogging Enhancements
    • This enhancement accomplishes multiple things: 1) Add Authored Date sorting to Site Settings and Web Category editor; 2) Hide Categories with Authored date that is in the future if the current user only has the Anonymous or Default role; Make author's name a link to a list of that author's articles; Add Bio to Contact Screen and display as the long description on the Author page.
  • 6659847 - Add Better Weighting of Search Terms
    • Updated search to weight exact matches of multiple search terms higher than searches with terms near each other or just individual terms.
  • 6689343 - Defaults Selected in Configuration Options
    • This is for use in the Feature Options on Items and allows you to select a default option; previously, all options would begin as unselected when a customer clicked on this item.
  • 6698018 - Add List Price to Order Entry / Order Edit
    • As of this build, there is now a read-only column for List Price on Order Entry and Order Edit as well as a button that will reset the price on a line item to the List Price. This enhancement also highlights the quantity to ship field when it does not match the quantity ordered.
  • 6814137 - Add Receivers to PO View
    • Invoiced and Received amounts now show on the main Purchase Orders page, with the quantity invoiced showing on the individual PO page.