Bug Fixes: Version - Released 9 November 2016

Saturday October 29 2016

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 

All bug fixes from have been integrated into this build.

7415492 - Need Invalid Coupon Message
If you enter an invalid coupon code on the cart page or checkout page, there was no indication given that you entered an invalid coupon. Now it alerts the user to the fact that it is invalid.
7431414 - Use Pretty URL by Default
In version 9.8.3 and later we added support for handling in bound requests to a "pretty URL". For example, if you had a web category with a code of About_Us the normal URL would be /Categories.aspx?id=About_Us. The system would handle an in bound request to /About_Us, however it did not consider it the default or proper URL and, if redirect on template change was enabled, it would swap the url back to /Categories.aspx?id=About_Us. This update makes the /About_Us URL the default so the site will no longer switch to /Categories.aspx?id=About_Us.
8988472 - Object Reference Error When Attempting Customer Service Order
This was only happening in very specific scenarios, but has been resolved.