Bug Fixes - Version 12.0.37 - Released 18 February 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented:
11832228 - WooCommerce: If Customer or Order Fails to Download, It Blows Up the Whole Connector Run
Fixed issue where an error downloading a cusotmer from WooCommerce using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System would stop the entire process.
11832426 - Shopify: Not Tracking Changes for Items
Resolved issue where changes made to an item's pricing was not being correctly pushed up to Shopify using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System.
11832546 - NULL values in Inventory Location table Qty on Hand or Qty Allocated Caused Qty Available Calculation to Blow Up
Added code to handle this bad data more gracefully.
11833182 - Price Codes Not Moving Up From BirdDog to WooCommerce
Pricing changes generated in Sage 100 were successfully pushing up to BirdDog, but not going to Woo Wholesale Pro Suite when using the Connector Sub-System.
1183371 - WooCommerce Connector Does Not Download Price
When using the BirdDog WooCommerce Connector Sub-System the order line price was not being downloaded as it was assumed to be correct in the ERP. There are scenarios where this is not true so we updated the connector to explicitly pull down the sales price.
11835142 - Import Custom CSV Errors On Data With An Apostrophe
When using Enterprise for Windows | Utilities | Import | Other | Custom CSV, if the data had an apostrophe (i.e. O'Brien), it would error and stop on that row.
11835143 - BDAddresses Missing Unique Index
Coding improvement on one of our BD tables; previous version was missing a unique index which was allowing duplicate records in that table. Updated the software so when it runs against the database, it backs up the old table, removes the duplicates, then adds a unique index.
11835164 - Getting Page Not Found Error on Home Page
A coding error introduced in a previous version was causing the Home Page to completely error out.