Bug Fixes: Version - Released 15 June 2015

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
  • 6494942 - Add better result messages to Fill Back Order process
    • This is for the Enterprise for Windows software and updates the final message received when Fill Back Order is run. The Process now reports number of orders processed and the number of orders filled.
  • 6580197 - Thread was being aborted. at JobPage.btnDelete_Command
    • This error is unnecessary as it adds nothing to the process and thus, was removed from logging.
  • 6612810 - Logging Issues: Nothing for Payment, Too Verbose for Tax
    • Entirely too many tax-related logs (many of which were redundant) were being generated with each transaction. Pertinent payment-related logs were being drowned out by these.
  • 6659499 - Error message isn't cleared after query is corrected
    • On the the Query page, an on-page alert informs you if a query is invalid but, prior to this build, did not go away after you corrected the query.
  • 6769507 - Update Suggested Purchases to show Items with Infinite Inventory by default
    • This page defaulted to 999 Months Inventory while Items with infinite inventory calculate as 999,999 month's inventory which caused them to be excluded by default.
  • 6846105 - Order Rules Inverted Checkbox Missing Tooltip
    • Tooltip was added back to this checkbox.
  • 6879061 - Add Detailed Not Picking Messages to On Hold Order Report
    • With this enhancement, all orders being put on hold because they can't pick will have a reason that begins with 'Not Picking' and then supplies a detailed reason such as 'Not Picking - The postal code 73139 is invalid for TX United States.' or 'Not Picking - Item No XYZ123 has zero weight.'
  • 6889027 - Tooltip Needed on ExportQueryEmail.aspx
    • Tooltip was added to this checkbox.