Working with Projects


When opening a project, the following screen displays:

Project screen

The screen has the following options:

  • Project ID - This identifies the actual project and should be used when crafting a task that requires the Parent Project Number.
  • Watch This Project - Check this to watch this project.
  • Reference - Use this to craft a subject line that accurately describes the project. Avoid oversimplifying or getting too in depth.
  • Contact - Use this to identify the Contact for this project.
  • Project Type - Use this dropdown to identify what department this project falls under.
  • Billing Method - Use this to identify the type of billing method that this project will fall under.
  • Project Status - Use this dropdown to identy the current status of the project. When it changes (from Design to Implementation, for example), this status needs to be changed.
  • Assigned To - Use this to identify who has been assigned this project.
  • Due Date - Use this to set up a due date for this project.
  • Parent Reference No - In the event that this project is attached to another project or this is a "sub" project, the Project ID of the parent project goes here.
  • Code - The priority of this project - P1, P2, P3, or P4 - goes here.
  • Complete - Check this if the project is complete.
  • Estimated Duration - Place an estimated duration for the length of this project here.
  • Revenue - When this project is tied to a revenue stream, this will stay up to date regarding how much revenue remains for this project.
  • Notes - Use this to go into detail about the nature of the project, as well as listing any updates made to it.
  • Add Project - Click here to add a new project.
  • Export Projects to Excel - Click here to export all connected Projects to Excel.
  • Add Task - Click here to add a new task.
  • Export Tasks to Excel - Click here to export all Tasks linked to this Project to Excel.