New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
10369940 - Woo Commerce Connector Enhancements
Major coding enhancements for the BirdDog Connector Sub-System when used against a Woo Commerce environment. Instructions on setup and use can be found here.
11348594 - Add Support for Sales Order Header and Line User Defined Fields to Sage 100 and Service Pro
When using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System to sync between Sage 100 and Service Pro environments, customers often have user defined fields (UDFs) created in both that they would like to sync; the default Connector Sub-System did not handle such UDFs until this build. Instructions for setting up the connector to handle these kinds of UDFs can be found here.
11365993 - Allow Valid Lines to Flow Through to Sage Even When Another Line Errors
Previously, if a line item on an order being brought down to Sage 100 via the BirdDog Connector Sub-System errored out, the entire order failed to come down. Now, as long as lines of that order are valid, the order will come down with them and alert the user of those that failed and why.
11494917 - Add Better Warning for Duplicate Ship To Code on Service Pro
The existing warning for this type of error was not understandable enough.