Bug Fixes: Version - Released 27 August 2019

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
9151316 - Add Item Order Rule Adds Item Twice Using Saved Cart
The Order Rule to Add Item was adding the item a second time when you loaded a Saved Cart. It worked normally outside of Save Carts.
10775973 - Categories13 Page Does Not Work
This categories page was erroring out and causing the site to misbehave.
10859985 - Checkout Throws Error if User Customer Number is Invalid
The checkout page was not handling an invalid customer number gracefully.
10902676 - EntWin - Credit Card Won't Save
When using the Enterprise for Windows software and attempting to add a new credit card to an existing customer, the system was throwing an ugly error and refusing to actually save that card to the user.
10921578 - EntWin - Tax Accounts Missing from Permissions List
Using Enterprise for Windows | Maintain | Security | Menu Item Permissions, the Menu item Maintain | Setup | Tax Accounts was not in the Menu Item Permissions list.
11052326 - Unable to Place Customer Service Order
Attempting to play an order was erroring out in a very ugly way.
11238946 - Capture CC Not Pulling Order Freight if Freight Not Licensed
We changed how this works. Previously, if you had the freight license, you used the freight module to calculate an estimate; otherwise, the order sub-total was multipled by the freight pay code percentage. Now, if you have the freight license, nothing changes: you still use the freight module to calculate an estimate. If the order already has a freight amount, that value is used. Otherwise, the sub-total is multipled by the freight pay code percentage.
11346208 - Invoicing Error Crashed Entire Process
During invoicing in certain scenarios, an error on one of the orders not only halted the entire process but put all of the orders after this error in a weird state. We fixed this error for clarity and made it so such a fail does not mess up the rest of the orders after it.