Version - Released 16 Sep 2014

Friday September 26 2014


This build has the following features implemented:

  • 76377 - Enhance Posting to Handle Non-Stocked/Controlled Items Correctly
    • When posting a sales order that is non-stocked, the system updates cost on the order line to be a sum of the component's cost, updates item/location average cost/last cost of the non-stocked parent to be sum of the component's cost, creates a cost of goods sold entry to the parent's G/L account based on  the sum of the component's cost, and creates inventory credits tot he component's inventory account based upon their material cost type code and cost.
  • 825303 - A/R Summary Columns Now Have Current, 30, 60, and 90 Columns
    • The AR Summary page now uses a new web grid which is clickable and has footer totals for balance and period columns.
  • 4628065 - Workflow Create/Review/Update/Delete added
    • This build adds the workflow feature, which allows for automatization of many task processes.
  • 5248528 - Order Rule: Item Taxable Result
    • With this new result, you can create new order rules that can flip the taxable status for a specific item during the checkout process.
  • 5813544 - Add Sub Title and Medium Description to Item Edit
    • Exactly as indicated. You can now add a sub-title or a medium description to an item.
  • 5813770 - Add MetaDescription to Item Edit
    • Items can now have MetaDescriptions. This is useful for various content page layouts which rely on these descriptions.
  • 5829675 - Make Price Code grid more compact
    • We removed unnecessary columns, streamlined existing format, and altered the general format of the price code grid.
  • 5864617 - Order Rule to change Tax Code on Order
    • This result allows the system to change a tax code on an order during checkout provided it matches the rule criteria.
  • 5884372 - Polish layout of Additional Information tab on Order Entry
    • The Additional Information tab had several fields that were not lining up properly. We also added a 'reload cart' button to this page for sharing the cart with other people.
  • 6065337 - Add ability to include note when emailing Order / Invoice
    • As of this build, you can now include additional information on the email when you are sending an Order or Invoice. So, for example, if a customer asked you to send a quote, you could do so but include a personal note at the beginning of the email.

This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 473503- Infragistics Grids Look Wrong in Chrome.
    • Chrome (and Safari, actually) handle infragistics poorly which made many of our grids look broken. As a result, we had to find to a fix.
  • 5198793 - Freight Not Recalculating When Ship Complete is Changed
    • During multi-page checkout, selecting the Ship Complete option did not alter freight rates when ordering multiple items where at least one item is in stock but one or more is out of stock.
  • 5508256 - Credit Memos on Booking Analysis Handled Incorrectly
    • The line cost on booking analysis for credit memos was showing as a positive number instead of a negative one.
  • 5697600 - Settings not saving COGS account in the correct format
    • System was not translating zeros in G/L accounts correctly and were instead adding spaces. As a result, journals were not being written correctly.
  • 5782570 - Global Settings doesn't handle PO module not being setup
    • With the PO module for Macola turned off, attempting to access global settings for the website was causing a site crash.
  • 6010364 - Order Entry fails when adding related user that doesn't have an email address
    • Failure to have an email address on a new user was causing an error when placing an order in Customer Service.
  • 6083182 - Order Entry doesn't handle adding / editing a user where the email address already exists
    • Related to above, you could not add or edit a user if you entered an email address that was already in the system.
  • 6109187 - IE11: Grids Look Strange in this Browser
    • Internet Explorer 11 radically changed how they handle a number of things. As a result, all of our grids looked bizarre in that browser.
  • 6116251 - IE11: Cannot Add Items From Search Page
    • Internet Explorer 11 radically changed how they handle a number of things. As a result, a customer was unable to add items from a search page although if they drilled down to the item itself, it would add with no problem.
  • 6117100 - IE11: WebCategory Editor Controls Not Rendering Correctly
    • Internet Explorer 11 radically changed how they handle a number of things which resulted in our webcategory editor controls no longer appearing on the page. This meant that you had to use Firefox or Chrome to edit a page.
  • 6144046 - Error Changing Qty Ordered in CS/OE
    • If you changed the quantity ordered or quantity shipped in Order Entry, a conversion error was being thrown, preventing you from being able to affect these sorts of changes.
  • 6215146 - Unable to Login After Adding Item to Cart
    • A currency code error in site settings was preventing customers from either being able to login after adding items to their cart or adding items to their cart after logging in.