Setting Up Your Sage Connector to Send Orders to Service Pro


This presumes you have also setup a Connector account to Service Pro.

In Sage 100

  • Navigate to Custom Office | Main | User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance
  • Double-Click on Sales Order
  • Right-Click on SO Sales Order Header, then select Edit Fields
  • Click green add field button on the right
    • SO_SalesOrderHeader : Add Field will popup
    • Field Name - Send To Service Pro (will change to UDF_SEND_TO_SERVICE_PRO and set Description to Send To Service Pro). Note: this field name must be annotated this way due to the way this process is coded.
    • Click OK
    • On the next popup, select Check-Box on the Control Type
    • Click OK
  • Now navigate to Sales Order | Main | Sales Order Entry
    • Right click in the grey area next to the Order Type dropdown list and click Panel Settings > Customizer...
    • Choose the User and Company to apply the customization to and click OK
    • Select the Add Field option in the Customizer popup
    • Now drag and drop new field to where you want it on the order entry screen (We typically put it to the right of Batch Fax)
    • On the Field Selection popup that appears, locate the UDF_SEND_TO_SERVICE_PRO field that you just created, click on it, then click on Select.
    • Finally, click on Panel | Save
  • Orders that have this field checked will, when the the Connector runs, be pushed up to Service Pro.