A Letter from the President of BirdDog Software

Robin L Zwirtz Thursday October 01 2015


I have two items I want to share with you today about changes at BirdDog Software:

One of our goals at BirdDog Software is continuous and rapid improvement. Our customers live in a world that is changing rapidly and we have to do the same to keep their software investments relevant and valuable. In the past, this continuous improvement cycle gave us and our customers heartburn with stability problems. It also made it difficult to explain every feature and bug fix in a specific version of the software. The good news was, we're moving fast! The bad news was, we're moving fast!

In the fall of 2014, we introduced a new development model where every new feature and bug fix would be developed and tested in isolation before being allowed back into any release of the software. The feature or bug fix would then be tested again in the final version to confirm that there were no unexpected issues with other features and bug fixes. This new development and Quality Assurance process has not only increased the stability of our releases, but has also increased the velocity at which we can confidently release bug fixes. Another benefit to the process has been the increased level of visibility and documentation of the process. We now have a steady drum beat of development with a code freeze occurring every month and releases being announced on Facebook as soon as the version passes Final QA.

In addition to the new development process, we've also created a What's New section on the web site to show everything that is in a release. Each item is notated with New (brand new features), Better (enhancements of existing features), or Fixed (bug fixes).

What's New Example

I am very excited about the new process and recommend that you visit the What’s New section of our site to see all of the progress we’ve made this year. By browsing the What’s New section, you will see over 250 enhancements and bug fixes that have been released this year alone for versions 9.6, 9.7, and 9.8. On top of that, we have another 200 enhancements and bug fixes scheduled to be released before the end of the year!

On September 11th, we released our latest version, 9.8.1. This version alone included over 50 enhancements and bug fixes. Check it out in the 9.8 section of What’s New.

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Thanks for your support of BirdDog Software where we strive to be Your Company’s Ultimate Best Friend!

Robin Zwirtz