Procedure for Taking Physical Inventory

  1. Physical Count Select (Inventory \ Processes \ Inventory Count \ Physical Count Select)

    1. To be performed on or before the actual count date.

    2. Physical Count Select

      1. Batch ID – Enter Batch ID (your name or the date)

      2. Location – Enter the location for which you are doing a Physical Count

      3. Starting Tag Number – Should default to next available tag, or enter your first preprinted tag

      4. Number of Extra Tags – Number of extra tags to print. The system will create one Tag for each part number. If you will be using multiple tags per part then you will need to enter enough here to cover them. It is critical that you add enough extra tags, guess high.

      5. Form Number – Form for printed tags, doesn’t matter if you won’t be printing tags

      6. Sort By – Controls the order in which the tags are created and printed. Typically Bin or Picking Sequence.

      7. Exclude Zero Quantities – Enter ‘N’ if you want to create a tag for all items, enter ‘L’ if you only want to create tags for items with non-zero balances. Typically ‘L’.

      8. Use Frozen Quantities in calculations – Should be checked

      9. Freeze Date – Use the date of the actual count.

      10. Create Physical Count without Item numbers – This should never be checked. If you will not be using tags that Macola prints be sure and create enough extra tags for all the tags that you will need.

      11. Exclude Obsolete Items – Should Not be checked.

    3. Print Dialog

      1. Enter OK to print tags, or hit Cancel if you are using pre-printed tags.

  2. Freeze Inventory (Inventory \ Processes \ Freeze Inventory…)

    1. To be performed the actual count date.

    2. Location – All

    3. Inventory Freeze Date – Today, should be the same as the date used in Physical Count Select

  3. Enter Tag Counts (Inventory \ Processes \ Inventory Count \ Enter Tag Counts)

    1. Batch ID – Enter Batch ID assigned in Physical Count Select

    2. Tag No. – Enter tag # off of current tag being entered, will automatically be first uncounted tag

    3. Item No. – Enter item number off of tag being entered, will be automatic if using Macola tags

    4. Quantity Counted – Enter quantity off of tag being entered

  4. Verify Tag Entry with Edit List (Inventory \ Reports \ Inventory Count \ Counts by Tag or Item...)

  5. Verify Tag Entry by Variance (Inventory \ Reports \ Inventory Count \ Variance By Item...)

  6. When done entering all tags press the Count Extra Tags button to tell Macola not to worry about tags without a count (Inventory \ Processes \ Inventory Count \ Enter Tag Counts)

  7. Verify that everyone is out of Macola

  8. Backup Macola

  9. Post Physical Count Tags (Inventory \ Processes \ Inventory Count \ Post Count Tags)

    1. Batch ID – Enter Batch ID assigned in Physical Count Select

    2. Variance Account – Enter General Ledger Account Number to receive Physical Count adjustments, should default from setup

    3. Posting Date – Enter date to affect inventory, normally Count date

    4. G/L Distribution Date – Enter date for General Ledger entries, normally Count date

    5. Print Pre-Post Register – Used to print a register before posting.  Normally Unchecked.  If it is checked you will only get a report, no posting.

    6. Print Blank Item Tags on Register? – Normally Checked

    7. Post Blank Item Tags to History? – Normally Check ed