Version - Released 6 Jan 2015


This build has the following features implemented:

  • All Features and Bug Fixes for and earlier
  • 3676096 - Ability to Choose Default Selling UOM
    • As of this build, this allows you to set the default unit of measure that will be used when selling an item.
  • 3676106 - Customer Item -Default-Selling-UOM
    • As of this build, this allows you to set the default unit of measure that will be used when selling an item to a specific customer.
  • 3676164 - Multiple Customer/Item UOMs
    • This feature allows you to have multiple units of measure on "customer items" (which is to say, the item number a customer assigns to an item in your system.) Previously, this UOM would have simply defaulted to the system item's UOM.
  • 3676138 - Write off Transactions Codes and GL Codes
    • With this enhancement, a default transaction type code can be generated that Warehouse personnel may select while doing an enter transaction. This default transaction type populates G/L information automatically. Prior to this feature enhancement, G/L information was required at time of transaction, which was problematic for Warehouse personnel who did not possess the knowledge necessary to identify correct accounts.
  • 4563089 - Add Get Item For Free Order Result
    • This is a new Order Rules result. Using the Order Rules system, you can now setup special rules to add specific items to an order for free.
  • 4654175 - Search Function Changed to Repeaters with Paging
    • With this change, search results are no longer generated on a single page, but instead are split into multiple pages.
  • 5968222 - Multiple Item UOMs
    • This feature allows you to have multiple units of measure for an item as opposed to the standard three (Purchasing, Stocking and Selling.)
  • 6052273 - Have DHL throw error if zero quote returned
    • As of this build, if you are rating an order with the DHL shipping service, it will generate an error for zero quote when rating a package. Previously, it treated this as $0.00 shipping.
  • 6211818 - Add ability to Audit Invoices G/L Transactions
    • We now include links on invoice forms to related distribution journal so you can easily view G/L Transactions. This makes identifying journal errors much easier.
  • 6268109 - Add ability to choose Print Template on Customer Service Invoice and Order form
    • With this adjustment, you are now able to select from all available templates for an invoice or customer service orders instead of using a default one. This is ideal for situations where specific customers have unique template format or if you wish to customize the formats for various scenarios.
  • 6269483 - Add enabling / disabling of controls on the checkout page
    • This adds a Site Setting that will allow editing of whether customers see bill to address, ship to address, shipping method, PO fields, additional emails, coupon codes, customer comments and adding items to the cart.  
  • 6321034 - Search is too specific
    • Prior to this build, invalid search characters - even if they are in an actual web-page title - were not returning results because the search was too literal. We have since added coding that will faciliate better search parameters.
  • 6350281 - Mark freight quote as error if shipping method is set to modify freight cost and negotiated rates aren't returned
    • Prior to this build, if your negiotiated rates with a shipping service were not returned, the order was still processed and freight charged, albeit with default shipping rates instead of your negotiated ones. Now, an error is generated instead.
  • 6376409 - Handle a Potentially Dangerous Request.Path Value was Detected from the Client better
    • Invalid URLs that normally result in this error are handled much better. Previously, inputting an incorrect URL would give you the Page Not Found error but would also log the error multiple times. Now it only logs this error if the site is set to logging level 4 (which is generally only used by development or support.)
  • 6424662 - Branch Name is in Logging
    • This is mostly a development tool that identifies the specific build on the logging detail screen.

This build has the following bugs implemented:

  • 5719436 - Settings-CountryName-ValueToWrite (was 'Checkout Page Hangs if Ship-to Selected That Has Long Country Code')
    • Using a non-ISO code for a country in the database resulted in an order never being successfully generated. Instead, the page would "hang." Now, the order will be created correctly.
  • 6292632 - Large Image Displaying Instead of Medium on Item Page
    • This resolves an issue where the medium image was not being properly displayed.