Bug Fixes: Version - Released 20 March 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
8921639 - New Web Editor Polish
A number of minor adjustments and coding fixes to the web editor were required. Previously, clicking Cancel on a web editor took you to the wrong page, clicking add child brought up a dialog that you could not cancel out of, and saving a page with a code would take you to the page with the GUID instead of the code. We also made some adjustments to the mirror work flow.
9811444 - "Select Customer" Search Not Working
If you had more than 20 customers assigned to a user, the SelectCustomer.aspx page changed from a list of the customers to a Search for them. The Search did not return anything, making it so you couldn't actually change the customer.
11087989 - Feature Option Items Not Including Component Weight
Items setup as feature option items (so you have to select specific options when purchasing the item) were not correctly calculating weight for the order; the weight being reported was only the master item and was not including any components.
11112903 - Audiences Not Showing in Web Category Editor
Audiences were not being displayed in the Audiences tab in the web editor.
11368193 - Can't Place Orders on Mobile
Recent updates to mobile browsers broke the way we were doing some validation causing mobile device such as a phone (Android or iPhone) or iPad to not be able to advance all the way to Place Order. Even worse, there was no logging to tell an admin why you could not advance.