Bug Fixes - Version 11.1.45 - Released 15 April 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11834744 - Enterprise for Windows Selecting Entire Order Instead of Just Lines That Are Shipped
When using a customization that automatically Selected an order when the ShippingEasy Connector was run, we discovered that our process was Selecting the entire order instead of just lines that were shipped. This was important if a customer, for example, split up an order in ShippingEasy and shipped out only some of the lines on the order.
11834946 - Report Could Not Be Found Error on Print Order Acknowledgement
When trying to print an Order Acknowledgement, it failed with a "Report could not be found" error even though report paths were set up correctly in Enterprise for Windows, report files exist in the specified folder and the FormType is set to the correct filename in Enterprise for Windows | Maintain | Setup | Distribution Forms.
11835387 - Shopify Connector Pulled Weird Tax Percent
Updated the process of setting tax on an order being downloaded from Shopify using the Shopify Connector to not error out if the percentage can't be represented; it now reports a warning and downloads the order.
11835520 - Order Line Changes Cause the Amazon Connector to Throw Errors on Every Run
Unreconcilable errors caused by order changes were showing up on every Amazon Connector run. They are now reported as an error one time.
11835596 - Cart.CopyHeader Missing Properties
A low-level function that duplicates shopping carts was missing a handful of properties such as Bill_To_Addr_3, Ship_To_Addr_3, Sales_Person_No, Ship_Via_Code, Loc, and Taxable.