SalesTax Connector Setup


1. If using Avalara, Setup AvaTax on the AvaTax Admin Web Console.  You will need to setup at least one Organization with Nexus setup for each state that you are taxable in. To accomplish this, login to Avalara and follow the instructions provided by them to do so. On the Home tab, there is the Get Started (if you're starting from scratch) and on the Organizations tab, you should see any existing locations you've set up previously.

2. Select the Tax service in Enterprise for Windows > Maintain > Tax Accounts

"Use Standard Macola Settings" should be your default. This calculates sales tax the way Macola does.

"Custom tax calculation" performs NO tax calculations. You must enter the sales tax yourself.

If using Avalara, select "Add New Account".  Enter the information below and Save.

  1. Account Number - from Avalara
  2. User name - from Avalara
  3. Password - from Avalara (unless you have changed it)
  4. License - from Avalara
  5. Company Code - from the Organzation setup in Step 1

Set AvaTax as the Global Tax Calculation Method (right click in Maintain | Tax Accounts. Left click the method you want to use to select it, then right click and select "Use as Global Calculation Method". The checkbox should move to the item you have selected.

To edit account information, left click the item you want to edit, then right click and select edit. You cannot edit 'Use Standard Macola Settings' or 'Custom Tax calculation'.

3. In Macola or Birddog Enterprise (web), you will need to create the tax codes (or schedules) that you will be using.  If using Avalara, create a tax code called 'AVA'.

4. Customers must have a default tax code (or schedule) assigned to them.  If using Avalara, make sure their default tax code is set to 'AVA'.

5. In Enterprise for Windows > Maintain > Setup > Countries, you'll need to select the tax code (or schedule) to be used for each country/province.  If using Avalara, make sure no tax code (or schedule) is selected or that tax setting will be used instead of Avalara's.