Using SalesTax Connector


When you are using the custom tax calculation method, or a method like avalara, do not edit the order in Macola. If you do so, Macola will 'help you' and recalculate' the tax based upon the taxcodes or tax schedule that is on the order, ruining your calculation. Unless of course you have a module installed inside Macola to handle this for you.

Printing Invoices:

When using Avalara to calculate your tax, whenever you print invoices, the system recalculates the tax from Avalara and 'saves' that to Avalara. If you select 'no' to 'did the invoices print correctly.' Then that value is no longer relevant and the next time print that invoice, it will save that tax total to Avalara once again.

Posting Taxes:

Additionally, when you print invoices with thesystem it also posts taxes to Avalara, so that tax information that has been 'saved' at Avalara, now gets marked as 'posted.' You can also select post the taxes manually if you so desire without having to print invoices once again.

Committing Taxes:

Finally, at the end of day, or other time you so choose to use, use the 'commit taxes' and this will 'commit' the 'posted' taxes at Avalara, finalizing their state at Avalara.