Bug Fixes - Version 10.2.26 - Released 5 June 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11825888 - Can't Add a Saved Credit Card When the Credit Card Gateway is CyberSource
Discovered while fixing 11825626 in 10.1.47, attempts to add a new credit when using CyberSource payment gateway resulted in a strange error indicating information was missing even when that info was actually present.
11826145 - BirdDog is Not Setting the Next Customer Correctly
Originally thought to be a Ca$h bug, our deep-dive into the code revealed that our software was returning the last customer number when it should have been returning the next one.
11827120 - Ship Via Accessorial Charges Ship Via Code Column Too Short in BDEngine
This code was 3, but needed to be 15 to handle all supported ERPs.