Using Autoship

When a customer adds an item to the cart that is setup to use Autoship, they will have the option to choose One Time or Repeat Delivery via a dropdown list. Selecting Repeat Delivery will add an additional dropdown where they have the option to select frequency (Every 30 Days, for example.)

Note that if you have special pricing set for autoship orders, it will apply the moment they choose Repeat Delivery.

Once the order order is placed, the customer may navigate to Account | Advanced Account Features | [Autoship] Carts where they can Edit their autoship cart(s) (say, for example, they want to change the frequency from every 30 days to every 60) or Delete it.

The system stores the frequency data on the order line so a customer could have 5 lines on one cart with their own different frequency values.

When the job you have created runs, it will automatically generate orders according to the frequency the customer selected. So, for example, if a customer selects Every 30 Days when they check out, 30 days after the date this order was created, a brand new order will be auto-created.

Note that CSRs are not able to review a customer's Autoship orders. Only the customer themselves can look at or edit them.