Inventory Management Reports


When Reports | Inventory Management is opened, the following screen displays.

The screen has the following options:

  • Short Items Only - Limits items reported to those with allocations greater than on hand quantity.
  • Activity Code - Select code to report on: All, Active, Forecast, Obsolete, Planning.
  • Product Category Contains - Characters in product category code you want to report.
  • Material Cost Type - Material cost type you want to report.
  • Vendor No. to Show - Enter vendor number if you want to limit report to a single vendor.
  • Vendor No. to Hide - Enter vendor number you want to exclude from report.
  • Description Contains - Characters in description of items you want to include.

The results display with the following columns:

  • Pic - Picture assigned to item.
  • Item No - Item Number.
  • Description - Item short description.
  • Activity Code - Item activity code.
  • Activity Date - Effective date of activity code.
  • UOM - Item stocking unit of measure.
  • Stocked Flag - Is the item stocked.
  • Backorderable - Is it permissible to backorder the item for your customer.
  • Price - Current selling price.
  • Cost - Current cost; based upon cost method chosen.
  • Months Inventory - Qty of items required for month.
  • Vendor Number - Assigned vendor's number.
  • Vendor Name - Assigned vendor's name.