Sometimes, you will need to track who did what.
oeordhdr & oehdrhst contain some of this tracking information
the cmt_1 field the user name of the person logged into the system when the order was placed
the cmt_2 field is the drawer code. This should match a specific drawer in use
This drawer code will look something like this: 25!BIRDDOGPOS2-PC::1!3
For accountability you want the text between the two "!". In this case "BIRDDOGPOS2-PC::1", this reveals the name of the drawer and the machine name upon which that drawer was opened.
For tracking tenders 
One uses the posorders and postenders table.
The posorders table will have information linking it back to oeordhdr_sql via ord_no and ord_type
and the tenders that were taken for that order are in postenders, linked back to posorders via posorderid
in the postenders table tender_type column:
2-Credit Card
3-Gift Card
4- On Account
5-Debit Card
6 -Coupon
In the posorders table, ord_no and ord_type correspond to the macola order made
so an ord_type of "C" is a credit memo, just like in macola