One Free Calendar per Customer w/ Order

You want to give out a free calendar when a customer places an order but you want to limit it to one per customer.

Create a coupon by creating an unstocked item (i.e. freecal2021)

  • In Item Edit>Coupon tab
    • "Set Item as Coupon" = checked
    • "Applies To" = WholeOrder
    • "Calculation Method" = FixedAmount
    • "Percentage / Amount" = 0
    • "Number of Uses per Customer"= 1

Go to Item Edit>Logistics tab for the Calendar item (not the coupon)

  • "Maximum Quantity" = 1

Create a new Order Rule for the free calendar

  • Triggers
    • "Amount Ordered" = .01  (This will only add the calendar if a purchase is made.)
    • "Item" = freecal2021  (Use your coupon's item number in place of freecal2021)
  • Results
    • "Add Item for Free" = calendar2021,1  (Use your calendar's item number in place of calendar2021)

This will add one calendar to the order for free when the coupon code is entered and the cart total > 0.  The customer will only be able to use the coupon once and they can not change the quantity of calendars to greater than 1.