Vouchers Paid with Credit Cards


Vouchers Paid with Credit Cards

In cases where you enter a voucher to a Vendor (that may or may not have a Purchase Order), but then pay that Voucher with a Credit Card, there are some extra steps to handle the process correctly in Macola.

One Time Setup:

  1. Create a Liability Account called “Credit Card Paid Vouchers” (System Manager | Maintain | System Accounts | Edit)

  2. Create a Cash Account for the “Credit Card Paid Vouchers” Account you just created (System Manager | Maintain | System Accounts | Cash Account)

  3. Verify Accounts Payable allows multiple Cash Accounts (Accounts Payable | Maintain | A/P Setup)

    1. Multiple Cash Accounts - Checked

Normal Processing:

  1. Enter Purchase Order (Optional) (Purchase Order | Trx | Purchase Orders | Enter Orders…)

  2. Enter Receiving (Only Required if you entered a Purchase Order) (Purchase Order | Trx | Receiving | Receipts)

  3. Enter Voucher from Vendor as normal, except for the following fields (Accounts Payable | Trx | Vouchers | Enter Transactions…)

    1. Trx Type - Prepaid Voucher

    2. Cash Acct – “Credit Card Paid Vouchers”

    3. Check No. – Invoice Date in YYYYMMDD Format

    4. Check Date – Invoice Date

  4. Enter Voucher from Credit Card Company as normal, but distribute the amount of the previous Voucher to “Credit Card Paid Vouchers” (Accounts Payable | Trx | Vouchers | Enter Transactions…)