Special Tax Note for Canada


Canadian tax law requires us to report the full detail of the tail on the invoice/receipt. It is not enough to show total tax; they expect details regarding the type of tax. As a result, we have coded the software to expect a tax schedule identified as SVCCA which should have four tax codes that are GST, HST, PST, and QST. This tax schedule and these four tax codes should be set up in your system as normal but may be given 0% - when we receive the tax information from Avalara, it'll show on the invoice/receipt using those codes.


Verify that Tax Schedules are Enabled inside Macola:

For Macola ES navigate to : System | Company | Package Settings | Accounts Receivable | Tax Schedule Usage > O = Optional.


For Macola Progression navigate to: Accounts Receivable | Maintain | A/R Setup | Page 3 | Tax Schedule Usage > O = Optional.