Version - Released 30 Oct 2014

Wednesday November 05 2014

This build has the following features implemented:

  • 5813586 - Add Popup of Item Description on Categories17.aspx Page
    • When using the Categories17 content page layout, you can now have a popup that provides information on the item. This information is populated via the Meta-Description fields on the item and allows a customer to get more information without having to navigate to the item itself.
  • 6003867 - Add Vendor Support to Contact
    • Prior to this build, Contacts had links to associated customers. We have added a link to Vendor Maintenance in the event that the contact is a vendor instead of a customer.

This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 5435918 - Kit Item Showing In-Stock on Ecommerce But It Isn't
    • Prior to this build, a kit item would show in stock even if all of the components necessary for this kit were out of stock. Now, if both assembled kits and any components are out of stock, the item will show out of stock as well.
  • 6211755 - Received Unable to Decode PayPal Response Error on Checkout
    • PayPal changed some of their response codes so our system was not able to comprehend the new response if an error occured. We have changed our coding to bring it more in line with PayPal.
  • 6296242 - Ecommerce Incorrectly Handling Secure Web Links for Image Purposes
    • When URL links were read back in from the database for category pages after logging in, the system was placing http in the path instead of https, which was causing the pages to show as insecure.
  • 6361187 - Site Crash when Adding Item to Event Using Event Registration Module
    • A site crash was occurring when you added an item to an event. This was also causing a strange postback that turned text into HTML. We have since resolved this.