Using Global Payments ICT-250 Terminal


The Global Payments ICT-250 pin pad is now fully supported by Cash.


Some minor adjustments are required.

  1. Plugin the terminal and record which Gateway Port is used.
    • New computers may require the addition of a serial port to USB connector.
  2. Create a new merchant account for the Global Payments using the steps located here with the following alterations:
    1. On the Gateway tab of the new Merchant Account, set the Gateway Port to the above-mentioned port. Since this credit card processor is global, the port will have to be set per each location.
    2. On the Gateway tab of the new Merchant Account, set the Gateway to Global Payments Semi-Integrated Terminal.
    3. On the Tender | Credit tab under Maintain Settings, in addition to inputting the CC processor account number generated above, you should also ensure that the CreditCardProcessOutsidePOS radio button is set to false.
  3. Exit the program and restart it.

Using the Pinpad Terminal

  1. Place an order and take the card as tender.
  2. The tender screen for the card will look a bit like the processoutsidepos screen.
  3. At the bottom is a place for an optional identifier.
    1. This optional identifier is present for whatever information the CSR needs to record for the order - the color or size of a purchased shirt, for example, or other information.
    2. Because this data is not transmitted to Global Payments, it can be used simply for internal use.
  4. Accept the amount. Press enter.
    1. If the order is being paid with multiple cards, this is the point where you would split up the bill.
      1. For example, if two people are splitting a $50 charge, you could change the credit card amount to be charged to $25.
      2. Take the card as below.
      3. Repeat for the second amount.
    2. Using the before-mentioned "optional identifier" is a valid way to record that this is split up.
  5. Press finalize sale.
  6. 'Take Payment' screen pops up. 
    1. On the terminal pinpad, the screen displays "Waiting."
    2. The customer swipes his card or uses the chip access. If this is a debit card, he will be prompted to input his PIN.
    3. If the card is approved, a receipt prints out.
  7. Once the receipt has printed on the pinpad, the Cash order will automatically close and leave the point-of-sale ready for the next order.