Version - Released 5 Jan 2015


This build has the following features implemented:


This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 5318695 - Using ImportContacts.aspx Not Importing to Correct Company
    • User Name or Login ID was required for import, even when a GUID was provided. On the import options that did not have a GUID, an error was being thrown that actually required it. We streamlined the process and corrected some minor coding issues.
  • 6407848 - Back Orders Not Correct When UOM's are Different
    • Back Order calculations were incorrect when the unit of measure and the price unit of measure were different.
  • 6587233 - Item's Handling Charge Not Added If Free Shipping Is Checked
    • If an item has a "handling charge" and the free shipping box is checked on the item, handling charge was not being added to the order.
  • 6591660 - Misspelled Word on ImportContactsToGroups.aspx
    • Resolving a simple typo.