Bug Fixes: Version - Released 23 October 2015

This build has the following features implemented: 
  • 4138659 - Add Support for Marketing Information on Orders
    • This enhancement allows a Customer Service representative to annotate what marketing campaign was responsible for the customer's purchase. The information can then be tracked by your marketing department to best identify what campaigns were most effective.
  • 6233774 - Load AnonymousUser with the ID from SiteSetting
    • Before this change there was a single Anonymous User for all sites. This caused heartburn at customers running multiple web sites (Siskiyou) with the need for different Anonymous permissions on each site. Now the Anonymous user comes from site settings instead of being hard coded.
This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
  • 6597352 - Email Problems with Guest Checkout
    • Order Confirmation emails were not being sent correctly for customers who used guest checkout to purchase items.
  • 7048611 - Order Search Should Default to All Countries
    • In Customer Service | Order Search / Search Criteria, the Customer Country and Ship To Country did not default to All Countries; instead, it defaulted to United States.
  • 7298908 - SaaS System Throws Error Placing Order
    • When using a BirdDog engine database, we were observing an error when a customer was attempting to place an order in Ecommerce. This error prevented the order from actually being processed.
  • 7627946 - State Not Getting Set When Changing Customer in Order Entry
    • When you change customers on the Order Entry page, the Bill-to & Ship-to states were not getting loaded correctly and were showing Alabama. Also, the Credit warning messages were not getting reset. They showed the previous customer's message (or lack thereof).
  • 7729328 - Problem Creating New Customer in Ecommerce
    • When creating a new customer in Ecommerce, if you omitted necessary info and then tried to enter it, the page hung and did not create the new customer.