How-to Set Up Price Codes in Macola Progression

  1. Order Entry | Maintain | Price Codes | Maintenance
    • Select Code Type
    • Enter appropriate information for Code Type selected
    • Enter Start & Stop Dates (Price Break applies through end of Stop Date)
    • Select Pricing Basis (Discount comes off Price, Markup adds to Cost)
    • Enter appropriate Minimum Qty & Price/Disc/Mrkup ( You may enter more than one: i.e. buy 10 for $5 ea., buy 100 for $4 ea.)
    • Save
  2. Order Entry | Maintain | O/E Setup
    • Go to Page 1 | Price Calculation
    • Select Price Code Cost Type desired
    • Select Price Code Use desired
      • Best - uses price code that gives the best price  (Caution: If Best is selected, the system has to calculate all the prices and then chose the best price.  This can affect the speed at which the page is returned and displayed.)
      • None - turns off price codes,Make sure "None" is NOT selected
      • Priority - uses number boxes below to set priority (Price Code Types, from left to right)(To improve speed, only enter the priced codes used in the boxes.)
        1. Customer #, Item#
        2. Customer#, Product Category
        3. Customer Type, Item#
        4. Customer Type, Product Category
        5. Customer#
        6. Item#
        7. Customer Type
        8. Product Category
    • Save
  3. Inventory Management | Maintain | Item/Location
    • Go to Page 1 | Pricing
    • If "Price Breaks Apply" is checked, then Price Code will be applied to Sale price (this is there to prevent giving multiple discounts in case of a sale, see below)
    • Save
  4. Price Codes and Sales:  
    The "Apply Price Breaks" & "Apply Discounts" only work when a "Sale" price is enanbled.  "Price Breaks" turns on the Price Codes.  "Discounts" turns on the different discounts that are available for customers, freight, etc.  If no "Sale" price is enabled, then these items are automatically turned on.
    If a "Sale" is enabled, Price Codes only work if the Pricing Basis is set to Discount or Markup. If the Pricing Basis is set to Price, then the Sale price overrides the Price Codes.
    If a "Sale" is enabled and "Best" is selected while using multiple Pricing Basis Price Codes (i.e. Price & Discount), then the best price is selected from Sale, Discount, and/or Markup.  (Price type Price Code is ignored.)
    If a "Sale" is enabled and "Priority" is selected while using multiple Pricing Basis Price Codes (i.e. Price & Discount), then: if a "Price" type is hit first, then Sale price is used; if a "Discount" or "Markup" is hit first, then that price is used.