Updating JobMaster

  1. Open System and Security | Administrative Tools | Services

  2. Select BirdDog Job Master and Stop the service (right-click or use the menu buttons)
  3. Explore the JobMaster install folder; by default it should be located at C:\\BirdDog Software\JobMaster
  4. Back up the JobMaster folder (make a copy, or copy contents to an existing "restore" folder)
  5. Open JobMaster.zip and extract contents to the JobMaster folder
  6. Delete all log files from the JobMaster folder
  7. Return to Services and Start the BirdDog Job Master service
  8. Open Task Manager
    1. Sort by Name
    2. Ensure that you have checked "Show Processes For All Users"
    3. Watch for BirdDogSoftware.Jobs.exe, the "heartbeat," which should show up within a minute. If it does, the service is running properly and the installation is complete. If it doesn't, check the log file (C:\Program Files\BirdDog Software\JobMaster\Errors.log) to make sure there are no problems accessing the database.