Installing BirdDog JobMaster Service


Select Maintain | Jobs…

You will get the following Window:


To schedule a new job, click the Schedule a New Job button.

Select the desired Job you wish to run, the Frequency, the At or On time (variable depending on selected Frequency) and enter the Job Requested Service Data. Each individual Job has it’s own set of requirements that are entered sequentially as requested, without spaces and separated with commas.

For Example:

Then Click Save.

On the subsequent screen you still need to save the scheduling information (if you make an error editing a Job this gives you the opportunity to start over without redoing all your jobs).


Click  Save Changes and your Job will run at its next scheduled time. If you need to edit this Job simply select the Pencil Icon to Edit. If you want to remove this job select the X Icon. Only Save Changes will apply any edits or deletions to the Service.