Bug Fixes: Version - Released 11 March 2016

Friday March 11 2016

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
All bug fixes from have been integrated into this build.

76377 - Enhance Posting to Handle Non Stocked / Controlled Items Correctly
When posting a sales order line that is a non stocked item, the cost on the order line was not updating to be the sum of the component's cost; the average cost / last cost of a non-stocked parent item was not updating to be the sum of the component's cost; a Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) entry was not being added tot he parent's G/L account based upon the sum of the component's cost; and inventory credits to the component's inventory account based upon their material cost type code and cost were not being added.
7720095 - Checkout Coupon 'Focus' Not Set Correctly
If you enter text in the coupon box on the checkout page and hit "Enter", you were taken to the search page (SearchForm.aspx) and had to click on "Add" for it to work. This has been fixed so hitting "Enter" adds the item.
7789957 - Cannot Add Customer Number / Item Number Price Code
Key information options were not correctly populating when attempting to add these price codes to the Item Edit page. There was no way to actually add a customer number when that option was selected and a similar issue was observed when using the customer type option.
7899475 - No Way to Add Freight Collect Information on Ecommerce Checkout
Even if setup in Site Settings or the Customer information to allow this, there was no way to actually add the freight collect account ID on checkout.
7953309 - Two Item Categories Not Supported on Item Edit
The Maintenance and Planning Bill item categories from Macola were not correctly supported by the Item Edit. As a result, items set to either of these categories could not be edited in Enterprise.
7963084 - Capture Credit Card in EntWin Using eBiz Throwing Error
When using our Enterprise for Windows software, attempts to Capture a credit card order was failing. This behavior was not observed when capturing credit cards on the website.
7975013 - Suggested Production Page Error
Using the Suggested Purchases for Manufacturing page was not functioning as expected and was not returning the proper information.
8167286 - Credit Card CVV Info Not Sent with Authorize.net Authorization Request
The Credit Card CVV info was not being sent to Authorize.net when an order is placed.
8190932 - Edit/Delete Not Working on EventRegistration Page
After adding a new attendee or item on the Event Registration page, the Edit & Remove buttons to edit or remove the attendee/item were not working correctly.