Using the Software

Tax Calculation

In normal operation, Avalara is an integrated part of the process. There is no place you go to "use" Avalara, it is simply built into the software. For example, when you generate a Customer Service or Ecommerce order, our software interacts with Avalara automatically and applies the correct tax according to data provided to use by AvaTax.


It is important that you have your Invoicing Module configured correctly.  You can do this by following the directions here.

When you process an invoice in our Invoicing module our software automatically communicates with AvaTax to "post" the transaction. This is the first time that you can see the transaction on the AvaTax console, however, the transaction is not permanent yet.

Commit Sales Tax

After you have posted the invoice you will need to commit the transaction at AvaTax to make it final.

  • If using BirdDog's Billing module to post invoices then this process is automatic.
  • Using Enterprise for Windows go to Go to Processes > Taxes > Commit Taxes.
  • Job Master can perform the task automatically by scheduling the Sales Tax Connector: Commit Sales Tax job