Bug Fixes - Version 11.0.45 - Released 15 April 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11833858 - ServicePro Getting Errors on a LOT of Orders During Initial Download
When running an initial download against an existing Service Pro company for a new BirdDog database using the Service Pro Connector, a considerable amount of orders threw a "You cannot change the sign of quanitity ordered on an existing line" error.
11835763 - Unable to Download Sage GL Account 0000
When attempting to download a G/L account from Sage 100 using the Sage 100 Connector with a Main Account Code of 0000, the connector threw an error and didn't download the G/L account.
11835785 - Blank Sage ARDIVISIONNO on ShipTo Throws Unhelpful Error
Updated the Sage 100 Connector to handle invalid Ship To data better and report as a warning.