Customer Configuration


Enterprise: Change Customer or Active Customer link

Enterprise for Windows: Maintain | Customers


Much of the customer information is self-explanatory, but the below options may require a bit of additional explanation:

  • Outbound Communications - settings for how to handle communications with the customer
    • Invoice Methods: This dropdown allows you to select how this customer receives posted invoices. If Print is selected, for example, the end-of-day process will send the invoice to the printer specified while EMail will send them a digital copy of it. Any use of email presumes that the system has been setup to send. Note that Enterprise for Windows will only generate an invoice according to the method you set here; if a customer is set to EMail, there will not be a print-out generated. Customers are normally set to Print by default.
  • Financial
    • A/P Email: This field is not actually necessary, even if the customer is set to EMail or Print And Email,and is designed to ensure the A/P department gets a copy of the email regardless of who or how the order was generated. If this order came from Ecommerce, the user that placed the order will be the To and the A/P Email will be the CC. If the order came from Customer Service, the user selected as the Ordered By will be the To and the A/P Email will be the CC.
  • Reports
    • The Reports tab allows you to set the distribution forms for the selected customer and override the default distribution forms that would be used. These forms need to be in the form of Crystal Reports and should generally be located in the Reports folder of your Enterprise for Windows install location (i.e. \\myserver\myfolder\Enterprise\Reports.) Note that individual forms are not required as the system utilizes default distribution forms but if you have a specialized packing slip or invoice form for a specific client, this is where you'd set it.