Bug Fixes - Version 10.4.27 - Released 2 October 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11120666 - Checkout Page Doesn't Allow Adding and Editing of Ship To Addresses
Change address is now a button. We also added an edit button next to the billing address that takes you to the billing address edit page; an edit button next to each ship to address that thakes you to the ship to address edit page; and an address book button.
11827925 - Web Orders Not Uploading to M1
This project fixes a few issues in the BirdDog Connector Sub-System for M1 that was caused by project 11827776 which was implemented in 10.4.6.
11829642 - Mobile Checkout Not Advancing Past Shipping Info
When checking out with a mobile device, the checkout procedure would not advance past the Shipping Information section.
11829810 - M1 Connector Not Updating Item/Location Quantity On Hand and Allocated Correctly
When using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System against a M1 environment, initial sync and subsequent updates were not populating the quantity on hand and quantity allocated values on the Item/Location.