Working with Timeslips


When you open MyTimeslips, the following screen displays

Timeslip list

The screen has the following options:

  • User Drop down - Select user to view
  • Enter date range of timeslips to view
  • Submit All - Click to submit all timeslips for approval
  • Approve All - Available to Supervisors and Administrators for approving timeslips.
  • Timeslip List
    • Edit - In Admin mode - opens timeslip for editing.  See below
    • Contact Name - User creating timeslip
    • Task Reference - Click to view task related to timeslip.
    • Day - Date
    • Start Time - Timeslip start time.
    • End Time - Timeslip end time
    • Stopped or Running - Red = Stopped, Green = Running
    • Duration - Time in number of hours
    • Stop Timer
      • Submit - Submits timeslip for approval
      • Stop - Stops timer on timeslip

When opening a timeslip, the following screen appears.

Timeslip edit screen

The screen has the following options:

  • User Drop down - Select user if you need to change for this timeslip
  • Start Date - Select start date for timeslip
  • Start Time - Enter start time for timeslip
  • End Date - Select end date for timeslip
  • End Time - Enter end time for timeslip
    • When changing times on a timeslip, remember the time allows you to enter HH:MM but the internal timer tracks seconds as well.  When you enter a start time for a task it will assume HH:MM:00.  This may cause an overlap with another timeslip and you will receive an error message.