How to manually authorize and capture a credit card transaction


We all know the best way to do this is with the BirdDog Distribution System. However, there may time a time when you don’t have access to the cool guy software and have to manually authorize and capture a credit card transaction. For those unlucky souls, here is a step-by-step on how to do just that.

It may not always look like it, but there is an order to all things. You need to run around and gather some information before we get started. You are unlucky enough to not be able to use the BirdDog Distribution System in the first place, let’s not make any harder. You are going to need:

1. An Authorize.NET Merchant account (set to Live Mode: see ).

2. You will need the account user ID and Password for the Authorize.NET account

3. Don’t forget that you actually need to have Internet access.

4. The customer’s information

  • Credit Card Number 
  • Credit Card Expiration Date 
  • CVV code (Also called a Card Code) 
  • Billing Address (same address their Credit Card statement goes to) 
  • Customer’s full name (nicknames don’t work. “Sparky” doesn’t have a Credit Card account.)

5. If the Customer is in your Macola you should have the Customer ID

6. Invoice Number ( You can make one up if you have to)

7. Shipping Information (that’s the address where you are going to Send / Deliver the goods)

Once you have all of this information gathered in one place we can continue. Go on, I’ll wait. Got it yet? Groovy, let’s move on. To get started you will need to go here:

1. Log Into your account.



2. Select "Tools" in the Menu Bar



3. You are going to use the "Virtual Terminal".  You should have been defaulted to this page after selecting "Tools" from the 'Home' page.  In the "Virtual Terminal" you'll see where you will need to enter (manually) all of the portions of the pertinent information for the transaction.  You can modify this screen by selecting the "Virtual Terminal Settings" link at the bottom of the page.



From here you can decide just what information will be required (by your gateway) in orrder to process this information. (Again...manually)



Keep in mind that the Gateway, Your Processor, and the Banks involved may not agree on what is required or not.  Generally speaking, you are better of with the default settings.  Enough lollygagging.  We need to keep moving forward with this or we will never be done.  (Remember you were the one who wanted to do this manually)

4. Once you've entered in all of the Customer's information, select the "Submit" button.  You will receive a Confirmation Screen.  From here you can opt to "View Printable Receipt" or "Enter a new Transaction".



NOTE: Do not press "back" button in your browser or on your mouse to process a new transaction.  Use the link provided.

Receipt Look:



Congratulations, you just did it the hard way.  It might not seem so hard to do one or two, but try doing 50 of them.  Now you see why we call it the hard way.

NOTE: Don't forget to enter the transaction into your Macola.

5. Give it a little time and check you Bank to verify the transaction(s) processed completely.  If it did't, you will have to contact Authorize.NET, your Processor and the Banks involved to find out where it got stuck.  Some dogs bury their bones deeper than others.  Some dogs just don't have any bones to begin with.