Bug Fixes - Version 10.1.18 - Released 9 April 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
10936967 - Sales Order CSV Import Menu Is Buggy
When using Enterprise for Windows | Utilities | Integrate | Sales Order (CSV), when you tried to click on anything on that popup, it threw a 'Must Enter File Name' Popup that you had to close. If trying to click on the nav arrows, the page changes and then behaved irradically. Also, trying to close with the 'X' at top didn't work on this screen, instead just throwing a popup. You had to use the Cancel button.
11821765 - Feature Option Item Orders Don't Record Cost
Cost was showing on line items as 0.00 for feature option items, regardless of setup. That has been fixed in this build.
11821860 - No G/L Distributions Displayed When Macola Pro Invoice Is Processed With EntWin
When clicking on Distributions button in A/R | View | Customer history in Macola Pro, it returned "Nothing in Range" if the invoice was processed with Enterprise for Windows. When the invoice was processed completely in Macola, it displayed G/L Distributions as expected. Now, invoices processed via Enterprise for Windows show correctly in Macola.
11824422 - Job Types Labels on Enterprise Jobs Page Showing Unknown
As part of the install process, a Crystal Reports runtime is expected to have been run. If it had not been run, the job type labels on the website returned Unknown instead of what they should. We updated the system to provide better logging to properly explain what the issue was.
11824355 - Customer Service Order Entry Doesn't Always Show the Item Description
If using Customer Service | All Customer Views | Shopping Carts to reload an existing shopping cart, the item description was not correctly showing on the Enter Orders page.
11824734 - Can't Delete An Item If Production Order Processing Not Enabled
This only occurs if the database you are running against doesn't have Production Order Processing (POP) enabled. In that case, attempts to delete an item would throw an "Invalid object name" error.
11824970 - On Sale Banner Not Displayed on Website When Start of Sale Value is Null
On a website Item page, the "On Sale" banner was not being displayed when Item "End of Sale" field is set to a date later than today in Macola but Item "Start of Sale" Field is left NULL. Populating the "End of Sale" field is all that is required.
11825301 - Sales_Person_No too long on User
The system was throwing an ugly error when trying to save the default freight account to a new ship via while setting up a BirdDog Connector Sub-System for M1; we resolved this by increasing the length of the ShipViaCode and the Loc length in BirdDog Engine databases to allow this.
11825393 - Error When Trying to Save a Default Freight Account to a Ship Via
New Users were throwing ugly errors when generated in a BirdDog Engine for a Connector Sub-System for the M1 ERP; we updated the length of the sales person code to resolve this.