Bug Fixes: Version - Released 13 December 2016

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 

All bug fixes from have been integrated into this build.

6293691 - Google product feed not handing web price (rounding error)
There was an inconsistency between how we handled rounding on prices between the Item display on the web and what was pushed up in the Google Product Feed which in rare cases caused a penny difference. This caused those items to fail in the product upload because Google detected a price difference.
6763692 - "Item is restricted" message popping up inappropriately
When proceeding from the cart, the 'item is restricted' appeared before continuing to the checkout page. This was causing some confusion so we streamlined the code.
6955836 - OnTrac Tracking URL Change
There was a change to the OnTrac Web API. We have updated our XML structure for shipment tracking.
7461366 - Search Results in MS Edge Are Totally Broken
Edge was not returning search results correctly, although the actual Search page was returning elements of the search.
7501568 - Viewing AutoCreated Contact Causing Page Error
When you searched for or tried to edit a Contact that is type 5 (AutoCreated), the page returned an error.
7581493 - On Account Should be Selected if it is the Only Option
If "On Account" is enabled and "Credit Card" is not, the "On Account" box on the checkout page did not come up as being selected even though it's the only option.
7604861 - Ecommerce User Able to Reach the Select Customer Screen Without Having Customer Number Assigned
In specific scenarios, a newly created Ecommerce account was skipping past the customer number assignment step, which was causing trouble.
7926172 - Work Order Generated By Ecommerce values incorrect
Production orders automatically created by the website according to specific item settings were writing certain information to the database incorrectly.
7964813 - Changing the Global AR Settings Caused Error
Changing this setting in Global Settings was resulting in an error, which meant when orders were written to Macola, the country code was not necessarily being written correctly.
7999392 - Purchase Order not writing database values correctly
Similiar to above, some information was not being written to the database correctly (mostly some general ledger account numbers not being formatted correctly.) We conducted a systemic top-to-bottom, table by table review to resolve this.
8099399 - Production Order Setup table Isn't Being Synced
Data required by the work order system was not being fully synced properly.
8234497 - "Credit Card Is Required" Msg Converting Quote to Order
When a quote was converted to an order with a terms code "credit card", a pop-up asking for the CC info appears. If a new CC number was entered, a message stating, "Credit Card Is Required" appeared and the process stalled.
8306308 - Multi Line Orders Throw Error Trying to Sync Down
In certain instances, an order that has more than one line item was experiencing trouble syncing down from remote to local.
8322308 - Revised Wording for Missing Primary Key Error
We have updated our logging to better explain this error should it occur.
8629356 - Issues with Customer Service Writing to Database
Similar to 7926172 and 7999392 above, we were seeing inconsistencies with how our software wrote to the database, principally with regards to how Macola sometimes returned NULL when we did not. We conducted a systemic top-to-bottom, table by table review to resolve this.
8688496 - Upload Catalog sync job throwing error
In very specific scenarios, an error was being thrown when attempting to manually run the Upload Catalog sync job as opposed to letting Job Master handle it.
8887819 - ebizCharge Guest Checkout Not Working Properly
Using the ebizCharge payment gateway and Guest Checkout, the Bill-to & Ship-to info was not getting sent to ebizCharge. All Guest Checkout orders stated "GUEST" for customer name and there was no address info.
9161924 - Cannot redirect after HTTP headers have been sent
This bug showed up in certain scenarios where the web site was changing from one page to another.