Tokenization - How to Convert Old Saved CC #'s to Use Aliases


Implement Credit Card Aliases for Authorize.Net -
Customer Information Manager(CIM) has to be turned on inside Authorize.Net for this to function correctly. This can be done before starting the update since turning it on will not affect the older software. Basically, go turn it on now. You can view how to accomplish this by watching this video. If this is the first time you have used, nothing else needs to be done, but if you have taken orders using BirdDog before, then you will need to run the Credit Cards: Convert Encrypted Credit Cards To Profiles job after all software is running 9.8.5. This process can be started any time after the update is complete. If you test with a staging site against production data do not process any credit card transactions (including authorizations) against production data while production sites are running versions earlier than 9.8.5.  NOTE: If running a synced site, this process must be run on both the local and hosted side.