How do I know what Jobs are currently running?

First, you will need the Process Identifier (PID), which you can acquire from Task Manager.
There are two ways to pull up Task Manager.
Be sure to do this on the server that is running Job Master.
  • CTR-ALT-DEL and click on Start Task Manager
  • Right click your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and choose Start Task Manager
Click on the Processes tab to see all processes currently running. If you do not see a PID column, you will need to make it visible.
  • Click View on the top menu
  • Click Select Columns
  • Click the box next to PID (Process Identifier) to enable
  • Click Okay

Find the BirdDog Processes you want to look up and take note of the PIDs.

Then go to System Management > Log Viewer
  • Enter the PID into the Message Contains field
  • Click Refresh
You should see an event message with that ProcessID. This tells you what Job it is running.