Maintaining Code Types

Basics Tab
Access Code - This is the defining code for the type that gets propogated through the system.
Canceled - These aren't used any more.
Lottery - Items of this type are 'lottery tickets'
One Time Pass - Access items of this type can be used once ever.
Seasonal Pass - Access items of this type can be used once per day.
Static - This is used to fixed access items, not sold. Usually kept as barcodes that have been laminated and then scanned at the front, for example.
Update Type of IDs with this code - If this is checked, when you save this type, all items that have this type as their code will have their type updated.
Description - A brief description of this type of item.
Reseller - What retailer is selling this type of item for you , if any.
(1)Ticket valid only at following location - If blank, works anywhere. If a value is there, the scanning location must match this. A * may be used as a wildcard.

Macola Information Tab
(2)Macola Item no - When you sell this item in the POS, an item of this type is generated as an access ticket.
Item number when scanned - When the item is scanned, this is the item used for revenue recognition.
Item number when ticket expires - When expiration dates occur, this is the item used.

Availability Tab
When an item of this type can be scanned it set here.
This affects all access items of this type.

Multi Location Tab
If this information is set up. It overrides notations (1) and (2) above.
Click 'add new' and you can select a location and item number.
You can add multiple entries.
Access Items of this type are now only valid at these locations and will use these items numbers for revenue recognition.
A pass of this type will work at each location in the list once.
For example
You could set up two entries, FG* with item number x123
and entry R*, with item number y123
where FG* are your front gate locations FG1, FG2, and so on
and R* are your ride locations R1, R2 and so on.
Access items of this type would then work once at the front gate and then once at a ride. They would then not work again (unless it's a season pass, in which case it would work again the next day)

BIN Format Tab
BIN Format - If an item is scanned, that does not match an access item in the system, but does batch a format here, that item will be allowed access per other rules.
Customer number -Since items of this type that are allowed that match the format don't have a sale in the system, this customer number is used for revenue recognition
Offline? -If unchecked, cards (not in the system) that match this BIN will show as valid or not based on the optional checkbox. If checked, the return will be an orange offline message.
Secondary checkbox - When primary box is unchecked, do cards that match this format show as valid (checked) or invalid?