Setting up Merchant Account for CASH

This will work for and PayFlowPro for use in the Cash Point-of-Sale system

Follow these steps:
  1. Log into Cash using an admin login
  2. Click on System Menu
  3. Click on Maintain CC Processor Accounts
  4. Click on Add New Merchant Account
  5. Input information provided. If you have not already set up a merchant account, you will need to do so first. Instructions for that can be found here.
  6. Pay attention to the grayed-out ID number at the bottom of the screen. This will be important.
  7. Save Changes & close Maintain Credit Card Merchant Accounts
  8. Now click on Maintain Settings.
  9. Under Tender | Credit Card, put in the grayed-out ID number you saw in step 6.
  10. Save and close.
  11. Exit the program and restart it.
From this point, you should be good to go.